We’re building an alliance

of youth activists

we’re making a difference

in the lives of Portland’s
homeless community


We are creating an alliance of youth activists and #aForceForGood.  We believe social justice philanthropy is our responsibility.  We know that as advocates for positive change, it is time to participate in advancing the complex conversations that must be had — and the work that needs to be done.  We understand that to get to the root of the problems we face, we must address more than just the symptoms we’re dealing with.  We are on a mission to create safer, sustainable and inclusive communities.

We are Accountable.  We are Transparent.  We are Responsible.

We are Youth Igniting Change.

we are generation we

we speak up


We believe that the general apathy in our country about the challenges we face in our world and communities must be a part of our past.  We recognize that as young people, we are in a unique position to use our voices — individually and collectively, to bring attention to the issues that need awareness and action.  We know that creating meaningful change starts with speaking up.

We believe there is #NoMinimumAgeForCommunityLeadership and the depth of our caring and compassion will transform our ideas into grassroots actions and strategic plans for real, sustainable change.


we push forward

we make things happen

During a series of severe winter storms in early January 2017, Jaden Winn created a fundraising campaign and items contribution drive, to collect #100KeepWarmItemsIn100Hours to deliver to Portland’s homeless, who were significantly impacted by record-breaking sub-zero temperatures.

We believe by aligning and collaborating with courageous, make-change-happen organizations and community leaders — there are no limits to the positive impact we can have.  We know that our capacity to improve our world and communities is dependent upon the adults in our lives — who will partner with us and support our ideals and ideas.  We realize that while there have been barriers and obstacles in solving critical issues, we’re unafraid and motivated to #BlazeNewPaths and a make a new way.

We understand that integral to our success and the rippling for greater good, we must

  • Learn about the issues we want to change
  • Share our activism journey as it unfolds
  • Celebrate our community service success
  • Offer our stories for others to build from

we connect

we create community


We are Manifesters.  We are Collaborators.  We are Changemakers.  We believe that fueled by the power of kindness, community and creativity — anything is possible. We are guided by the #CircleOfInnovation, where the spark of an idea, by an individual or group flourishes, because we come together and unify around a shared purpose.  We know that we’re better together and that when we come together to envision new ways to work through the challenges of today’s world, we change ourselves and our communities for good.

we believe kindness is cool

we are the change

we wish to see in the world


We are fiercely independent.  We know that our superpower is community.  We believe in the contagious power of beauty.  We are here to liberate, unravel and unlock possibility and potential.  We are determined.  We don’t back-down.  We do show up.  We are creating a world of freedom, non-judgement, inclusion and expression — where our unique creativity and contribution is acknowledged and encouraged.  We are making a place and a space for everyone.  We are #LoveInAction.  We are offering compassionate support and opportunities for empowerment, especially for our underserved and marginalized communities.

We believe:

“The purpose of life is to live a life with a purpose.”

~Michael Franti