Climate Crisis Activism to preserve our future

We also understand that we are the change, and that we can lead the way to ending the corruption of big oil companies and moving to better sources of energy, other than dangerous fossil fuels.

Renew Oregon

Recently, we have aligned our efforts and have been supporting Renew Oregon — an organization which is working to inspire youth and adults alike to rise up, sending a message to our political leaders that it’s time for change.

Youth Igniting Change has been helping with the creation and planning of events and strikes, along with outreach to inspire and engage more young people to get informed about our climate crisis and involved in climate justice work. Ever since the Clean Energy Jobs bill died in the Oregon Senate, those of us who have been fighting to preserve our future have felt the hit from so many years of time invested to develop policy reform being voted out.

With Renew Oregon, we’ll be a part of designing a new bill for climate justice which puts the legislation in place to halt the damage of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses. This will give us the time to develop new legislation that will help end the corruption of big oil companies and shift our world to using a greener sources of energy.

Group of Youth
Portland Youth Climate Strike

Through the work Youth Igniting Change is doing for climate justice, there are many opportunities to be a part of lobbying days, walkouts, and strikes. We’ll be involved in events and demonstrations where young people will have the opportunity to take a stand and expressing their views about protecting their future through non-violent, respectful civil disobedience.

There will be ongoing global, regional and local events where students will be accompanied by adults for walkouts at their jobs and schools to stand in solidarity, to help overcome the political polarization and move into solution-oriented discussions about how to address our growing climate crisis.

The Youth Igniting Change Alliance will play an integral role in helping plan and promote strikes and events to raise awareness about the real and devastating impact of our climate crisis is having on our planet, and our fear as young people about what this means for our futures.

Affected Generation


We’ll also be partnering with Affected Generation, a youth run climate justice organization here in Portland. We’ll be working with them on filming a documentary showing real stories, from real people, about the climate crisis.