Compassionate Action



We are the youth in our communities that will wake up early, stay late and push through to find a way to make things better for the things that matter.

We are a generation that lives for now AND for our future.

We know that our generation has the capacity to make a significant positive impact on the social challenges we face. We are aware that our success is connected to how we engage with our elected officials, community leaders and the adults in our lives, who can support the projects and initiatives we believe can open the door to progress to bring about lasting change.

The Youth Igniting Change Alliance is currently focusing our social justice activism efforts on:

  1. Promoting policy reform to end our climate crisis
  2. Advocating for Portland’s youth experiencing homelessness
  3. Practicing and advancing inclusion, equity and representation in our schools and in our communities
  4. Speaking to other young people and students in other schools about what activism is, and how they can get involved and make a positive difference in their communities

why youth igniting change


As an alliance of youth changemakers, we choose to collaborate and create using circle leadership practices.  We recognize the leader in each person within our organization and empower each other to bring forth our very best.

Our aim is to speak, act, and live kindness and compassion and 


our mission statement

We are an alliance of youth activists dedicated to addressing the issues of our generation, including promoting policy reform to end our climate crisis, advocating for Portland’s youth experiencing homelessness, and advancing inclusion, equity and representation in our schools and community.

To learn more about our social justice activism and community service work, please click on the links below: