To solve the complex social problems we’re facing today, we must find our way beyond our conflicts to common ground, so we can create the solutions together.
Jaden Winn
Founder, Youth Igniting Change

Our society is plagued by a current belief that we can’t each individually make a meaningful difference. Most people tend to believe as just one person, with only our one dollar, just a portion of our time, or one small action, we can’t have a real positive impact.

Well, I’m here to say we can.


My experiences in activism over the past 8 years have shown me one thing again and again. It’s so important to remember that our actions create a ripple effect and can lead to good things happening we never even imagined.

We must choose to change our mindset and understand the value of not just our big actions, but also the importance of what may seem like small actions. In surprising ways, I’ve learned that even our smallest gestures — things that may seem insignificant at the time — can all lead to something greater both in improved circumstances and also a positive shift in people’s emotions and experiences. We may not always see these ripples, but they happen whether we’re aware of them are not.

As the founder of Youth Igniting Change, I’m passionate about sharing this message for two reasons. One, I believe it’s part of my responsibility as an activist and engaged community member to speak up about the social issues and injustices we face in our world today. Apathy has no place in our world right now.

We must be willing to get informed and get involved. Our families, communities and world are depending on us caring enough to act — not just talk about our challenges, or worse, become politically polarized. We need to find common ground and our way towards unified problem solving.

The second reason I’m motivated to speak out in my community is that I hope to inspire other young people to step into leadership roles and get involved in community service programs and projects. I’ve grown up hearing the quote, ‘Many hands make for light work.’ The more involved we are in our community, the more manageable the work and the more we’ll accomplish — because we’re doing it together.

We’re excited to share with other young people in the Portland metro area how being a part of Youth Igniting Change is teaching us how to create, plan and implement volunteer and activism events. This will expand the Youth Igniting Change Alliance beyond Wilson High School to other junior high and high schools.

We believe in the Margaret Mead quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”, and that by forming collaborative alliances with other schools in our community, we know we can impact great change for our community.


I’m passionate about sharing this message, and
seeking opportunities to expand the Youth Igniting Change mission.

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